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ham stick vertical dipole antenna
Ham Stick Vertical Dipole Antenna
Get the full artical at How to use Ham Stick style antennas in a vertical configuration for great qrp dx. Check out
Ham Stick Vertical Dipole Ant...
hf antenna multiband 80m 10m swr adjustable
HF antenna multiband 80m - 10m swr adjustable
En este vídeo les muestro, una antena que como primera idea la diseñe para rx en todo el rango de hf o sea 80 a 10m, es alambre esmaltado bien junto un hilo con el otro, para rx es ...
HF antenna multiband 80m - 10...
homebrew vertical hf multiband 1
Homebrew vertical hf multiband-1
Seting up antenna pada 80 meter, center frekuensi pafa 3,800
Homebrew vertical hf multiband-1
great ocf vertical antenna true multiband tuning limited space plot
Here is a clip of my vertical off centre fed antenna. It is just made from a 22ft long 5/8 wave cb antenna, a homebrewed 4:1 balun and an 11ft piece of thick wire as a counterpoise ...
multiband hf portable antenna the easy way
Multiband HF portable antenna, the easy way.
Short video about how to build and deploy a 20 ft. multiband HF antenna for portable operation.
Multiband HF portable antenna...
efhw vertical antenna
EFHW vertical antenna
So after building and using the QRP unit with great success it seemed right to build a big brother version! .. This is a monoband version giving very high efficiency and low angle ...
EFHW vertical antenna
multiband dipole antenna
Multiband Dipole Antenna
This is a dipole antenna which tunes 10 to 80 without any problems. Its fed to the tuner with coax although many say using ladder line is better. I wound an air coil at the base of ...
Multiband Dipole Antenna
fr4pv multibander antenna sp3pl
FR4PV multibander antenna "SP3PL"
FR4PV multibander antenna "SP3PL"
FR4PV multibander antenna "SP...
spool fed multiband vertical complete
Spool fed multiband vertical complete
Description of my spool fed wire vertical inside a squid (crappie) pole. It varies in height from 4 feet to 23 feet in height and is adjustable. Vertical which is easily retracted ...
Spool fed multiband vertical ...
the fan dipole a multiband hf antenna part 1
The Fan Dipole - A Multiband HF Antenna Part 1
Welcome to Part 1 of my Fan Dipole antenna build. Part II will include the installation, adjustment & testing of the antenna with an antenna analyzer. Please visit my blog @ www.k ...
The Fan Dipole - A Multiband ...
g5rv multiband antenna
G5RV Multiband Antenna
Sorry for the low light it was just on sunset.
G5RV Multiband Antenna
making first loading coils for fm vertical antenna
Making First Loading Coils for FM Vertical Antenna
Making First Loading Coils for FM Vertical Antenna, operating fequency on 88MHz, this is a simple prosuction suitable for amateur radio.
Making First Loading Coils fo...
deploy anywhere vertical hf antenna
Deploy-Anywhere Vertical HF Antenna
This is my go-to vertical antenna that I can deploy anywhere with no support structure needed. (No trees or mast required) Where to get the items I show in the video... The radia ...
Deploy-Anywhere Vertical HF A...
bpsk31 qso bb7v antenna test 80m pwr 40watt
BPSK31 QSO BB7V Antenna Test 80m Pwr: 40Watt
BPSK31 QSO BB7V Antenna Test ...
hyendfed 3 band hf portable vertical antenna
HyEndFed 3 Band HF Portable Vertical Antenna
HyEndFed 3 Band HF Portable V...
392m coil 80 10m multiband hf portable antenna
392M Coil 80-10m Multiband HF Portable Antenna
I want to share my experience with the 392m coil from Great Lakes Antenna. Please my english is not the best.
392M Coil 80-10m Multiband HF...
vertical antenna in a hoa
Vertical Antenna in a HOA
Living in a HOA and having a zero five-antenna is the best choice if you have a small backyard.
Vertical Antenna in a HOA
homebrew hf vertical antenna
Homebrew HF Vertical Antenna
This is the Cabela 16.5 Classic Crappie fishing pole. I used 1/4" copper tape as the conductor in each section.
Homebrew HF Vertical Antenna
mobile comms with the yaesu 857 d and a chameleon vertical antenna
Mobile Comms with the Yaesu 857-d and a Chameleon Vertical Antenna
mobile comms with a Chameleon Vertical antenna Plus CHA-MIL Yaesu 857-d, LDG yt-100 tuner Chevy suburban
Mobile Comms with the Yaesu 8...
reviewing a bb7v antenna test with a ft 857d
Reviewing a "BB7V: antenna test with a "FT-857d".
Reviewing a BB7V antenna with a FT-857d in SV2 area. 73`s de SV7JLZ - SA0BGI.
Reviewing a "BB7V: antenna te...